. AttoHealth has launched the CE class III approved RRS®HA eye treatment. This non-invasive medical procedure helps to reduce puffiness, eyelid sagging, dark circles and under-eye bags wrinkle.

There are different ways of reducing small wrinkles, preventing unwanted lines on the face, tightening facial skin, lighting the skin, or reducing stretch marks and cellulite, but one of the most effective ways is definitely Mesotherapy. It is never too early for mesotherapy. A person can start with Mesotherapy in their 20s, depending on the problem he/she wishes to resolve.

RRS preparations are professional Mesotherapy cocktails which effectively treat different skin conditions with their specially designed formulas. Basically, these top-quality cocktails stimulate the dermis and provide an ideal hydro balance, bio-revitalizing the skin. Bio-revitalization hydrates the skin and renews its structure, simultaneously having a powerful antioxidant effect.
5 advantages of these modern Mesotherapy cocktails:
  • Unique formulas
  • Products intended for a wide range of indications
  • Simple use
  • Visible and long-lasting results
  • Compatibility with other types of therapies, treatments, and dermo-cosmetics.
If you are interested in more information about Mesotherapy treatment in our clinic, please fill in the form “I want RRS Trial $990” or contact us by phone 65118000. First 5 visitors to sign up could enjoy the treatment at a discount price of HKD$990 (original $1,500), the trial offer is first come first serve basis.
Dermal Filler
At AttoHealth, we strive to offer a range of cosmetic procedures for both women and men, to help you look and feel your best. Our dedicated team of medical staff boasts decades of professional experience between them, putting you in the best hands possible when you step into our clinic for a treatment.

Amongst our many treatment options are dermal fillers, an effective way to enhance the face and give it a more youthful appearance. For many people around Central, we are the clinic of choice for cosmetic enhancements of this kind, our clients trusting our reputation for delivering the most effective results time and time again.

  • Tear trough (under eye area)
  • Enhancing cheek profile
  • Correcting bumps and irregularities on the nose
  • Smokers lines and mouth aging
  • Lip enhancement (Paris Lips)
  • Acne scarring
  • Jawline and chin enhancement
  • Nasal labial lines
Lip Enhancement
Lip augmentation procedures are perfect for clients who wish to enhance their general appearance or rejuvenate their ageing lips.

Whether you are looking for a subtle look or voluptuous full appearance, we use dermal fillers to create volume without losing a natural-looking appurtenance.
Anti Wrinkle
Wrinkles make you look older than you really are, which, in turn, may affect your confidence. While you can’t stop the natural aging of the skin, there are solutions that can help reduce its effects. Although there are many solutions, our clinic in Sydney recommends wrinkle injections. These are small amounts of a purified medicine that is injected into the muscles to relax them and thereby reduce wrinkles. Our team of experienced professionals ensures that you get the most exceptional results from your treatment and leave feeling confident with the results.

At AttoHealth, we want you to look and feel your best, which is why we make sure to offer nothing shot of the most effective treatments available. Our anti-wrinkle injections are ideal for patients who want to get rid of deep lines and make their face look fresher and younger-looking. These procedures are less invasive than standard cosmetic procedures, which makes wrinkle injections a convenient option to smoothen those hard lines. They also help eliminate deeper creases on the skin over time. Additionally, we recommend muscle-relaxing treatments for a non-surgical mini brow lift. All of our wrinkle treatments are done by a registered doctor, meaning that you receive a quality and safety experience from start to finish each and every time.
Skin Rejuvenation
Treating minor skin conditions from changes in your skin from aging or if you suffer from skin abnormalities or lesions, Skin Rejuvenation can not just give you a younger and more attractive look, but is an effective treatment in preventative health care.

Our Skin Rejuvenation procedures treat superficial skin conditions non-invasively and extremely rapidly with minimum discomfort.
Skin pigmentation
Repeated exposure to UV rays, pregnancy, hormones, medication, skin trauma and aging will cause pigmentation and can present in the form of the form of skin spots, freckles, discolored skin or larger blemished areas.

With the right pigmentation treatment and skincare regime, our doctors can help you control your pigmentation problems and maintain a youthful appearance.
Acne scar removal
Acne is a condition caused by excessive hormonal activity in your body, that is painful and difficult to keep under control. Many people suffer from Acne into their adult years.

We treat acne with prescription medicines such as retinoids and antibiotics for active acne with laser therapy, skin peels, and therapeutic skin care products to keep your skin healthy and clean.
Scar removal

Most scarring can be treated with laser therapy or in the case of deep acne scars we may use dermal fillers or skin needling.

With a personalized treatment plan to help you reduce your acne, and specialized skincare for maintenance, we are committed to giving you be a best possible outcome. And to do so with minimal discomfort.
Skin Tightening
If you want to effectively combat the signs of aging or weight loss without Surgery, Ulthera is one of the most successful skin tightening treatments available.

For face and body, Ulthera skin tightening treatment can include your upper arms, thighs and abdomen and especially the eye area.

A non-invasive treatment of wrinkles, Ulthera uses radio frequency energy to tightening and smooth the skin.
Skin Tightening
Laser hair removal is the best method to permanently reduce unwanted hair anywhere on your body, regardless your skin color or type.

Laser hair removal works by using light waves to target and destroy the roots of hair follicles’ without affecting skin areas. There is no downtime and after a few treatments, your results will be long lasting so you can enjoy smooth, hair fee skin and forget traditional hair removal methods.

Our therapist will create a personalized treatment plan for your particular needs including post treatment care.

You can find out more information about the procedure by contacting us and making an appointment for a free consultation to determine the optimum number of treatments you will require for the best results.


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